3 Major E-Commerce Trends you will witness in 2018

E-commerce is one such sector which continuously witnesses massive changes. As years pass on and competition increases, there are new trends which the online retail owners need to adopt. Presently, online retail makes up more than 12% of total retail sales. More and more retail merchants are adopting new changes and boosting omnichannel presence to reach buyers online and offline.

Whaaky Reviews E-Commerce Trends

Let us now check the 3 major changes that will take place in 2018 for e-commerce business:

  1. Rise in Mobile Shoppers:

Mobile shopping has seen a major rise in 2017 and will continue to rise in 2018. Mobile device presently account for 19% of all e-commerce sales in US and other countries. The influx of mobile shoppers has increased because merchants are offering discount and other offer on mobile shopping.

  1. Boom of B2B E-commerce:

E-commerce majorly concentrates on B2C, but B2B is too getting a high proportion in the market. As per market experts, the projected business of B2B is set to increase by $1 trillion. Merchants continue to figure the finer details of pricing schemes, bulk shipping, and others. The B2B e-commerce business is certainly going to witness huge hype and profit.

  1. More Storefront Apps:

Mobile apps are the basic methods of connecting with customers and in 2018. In 2018, merchants will have Omni channel presences. More than 86% of customers stay within apps on the mobile. In coming year, there will be more storefront apps as customers will be willing to opt for app stores to shop. Storefront apps outperform mobile web conversion rates by 40%. So merchants spending on app development will witness a good profit margin throughout the year.

About Whaaky.com:

Owned by Trade2Online Pvt Ltd, Whaaky is a popular online shopping destination. It works as the deal site where deals go online on a daily basis. These deals are available from popular offline retailers across the country. From mobile and gadgets to apparels and fashion wears, Whaaky.com deals with all products.

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